Most Commonly Used Programming Languages

The tech community celebrates a wide range of programming languages. This is attributed to the ever diversifying world f technology. Every programming language comes with its set of advantages. This has allowed developers a wide range of choices to choose from when working on their projects. The following is a list of a few popular programming languages which are commonly used all over the world. The list is not exhaustive as the programming languages are many and keep advancing by the day.


Java was created in 1995. It is owned by Oracle and has over 3 million devices that run it. The programming language is used for mobile applications which are mostly android applications, web applications as well as web servers and application servers, desktop applications, database connection, games and so on and so forth. Java derives its popularity from its special features. For instance, it works well on different platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry et cetera. It is also an easy program to learn and to use as well. Its huge advantage is that it is not only open-source and free but it is also fast, secure to users and powerful. All of the above explain why java is programming language that enjoys a wide community support which includes a huge number of developers.


Created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991, Python still holds its place high in the popularity gauge among the programming languages. It is a program that carries with it unique features. For instance, it has the ability to work on different platforms such as windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and more. It further has syntax which gives developers the ability to write programs that have fewer lines compared to other programming languages. It also runs on an interpreter system. This allows cods to be executed as soon as they are written which makes prototyping very fast. Furthermore, python can be handled in a procedural way, an object oriented way as well as a functional way.

With all the above features, python is a program that is best suited to perform tasks such connecting database system or on servers to generate web applications. It can also be used when handling huge data or while handling complex mathematics, doing rapid prototyping or even for production-ready software development and so on and so forth.

Hypertext Pre -Processor (PHP)

PHP is a programming language that is specifically runs on the server thus works for server scripting. It was created by Rasmus Lerdof in 1994. It is mostly useful in making web pages vibrant and interactive .It can be used to form web pages that are written in HTML.

Its features and advantages range from being efficient and freely available to users and developers. It is also applauded for its simplicity, flexibility, security and familiarity. It is mostly applauded for its ability to offer an easy navigation to new developers while at the same time able to offer loads of advanced features to the very experienced developers as well. The latest version released as at now is the PHP 7.…

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