Best Languages To Learn For Mobile App Development

Mobile phones are playing a significant role in peoples lives in the modern society and it has become very difficult to do without it. Apps have become the face of many businesses in the modern society. There is a common doubt regarding the apps for instance what sort of programming language is used in the development of the applications.

There is a common misconception regarding apps like what sort of programming is used in the development. Below you will find a list of several programming languages that are used in mobile app development.


Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language with a combined dynamic semantics that is mainly used for web and app development. The program offers dynamic binding and typing option hence its very attractive in the field of mobile application development. Python is a developer of high-end language in reading and translating code so that it is much easier than any other language as it also reduces the cost of the program development and maintenance. It is a general-purpose programming language hence it can be used for any purpose.


James Gastling who is a former computer scientist developed Java back in the mid-1990s under sun Microsystem. It is used to create complete applications which run on a single computer or can be distributed among servers and clients in a network and can be used to build small application module or applet for use as part of a web page.


PHP is a scripting language that has been developed by Zend technologies in 1995. Today, it is being used for general purpose development but originally was developed for websites. After learning PHP, one is able to create dynamic websites, web applications as well as all types of mobile apps. It can be considered for many uses as well as in the creation of graphical user interface, image processing, Facebook apps, content management system, code project management tools as well as PDFs.


Buildfire.js uses the BuildFire SDK and Java script allows developers to build mobile apps with the support of BuildFire backend at an unprecedented rate. It is already being used in the development of 70% of the business causes that need to construct a specific process that is unique to the client rather than building the whole thing from the beginning. It is a program that is easy to learn and operates with the existing framework that has high potential and is scalable.


C++ features low-level memory manipulation with a general-purpose object-oriented programming language. In regards, to the mobile apps, C++ has been doing very well since it helps in the development of cross platform mobile apps easily with its consolidating debugging experience and powerful environment. It can be used to design and build very amazing apps for android, windows and iOS. C++ grants you access to smoothly code games, apps and commercial software.


It was released by Apple back in 2014 and features for iOS and Linux. It is the basic programming language use for the development of iOS and OS X apps. It is only available for iOS development but since it operates on Linux and is open source hence it can be used by anyone. One of the best examples is SlideShare iOS app. Another strong example is Meet and Fuck App, a casual hookup app that also offers adult meet and fuck games.

Objective – C

Objective – C also known as object-oriented general-purpose programming language derived from C. It was the main programming language used by Apple for iOS and OS X development before Swift. Learning and developing a mobile app through objective – C is very easy and simple to use. It uses dynamic run time, typing and last but not least C++ and C while using objective C.

Java Script

It is a high-level programming language that is multi-partnered supporting object-oriented language and functional programming. Creating mobile apps with Java script is very possible but under one condition it has to be through the use of HTML, CSS and AJAX.


Also known as C Sharp, it is a component and object oriented multi programming language. The general-purpose language was used in the development of Microsoft from server applications, games, mobile apps to web services, the program can be use to create pretty match anything.…

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