Best Languages To Learn For Mobile App Development

Mobile phones are playing a significant role in peoples lives in the modern society and it has become very difficult to do without it. Apps have become the face of many businesses in the modern society. There is a common doubt regarding the apps for instance what sort of programming language is used in the development of the applications.

There is a common misconception regarding apps like what sort of programming is used in the development. Below you will find a list of several programming languages that are used in mobile app development.


Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language with a combined dynamic semantics that is mainly used for web and app development. The program offers dynamic binding and typing option hence its very attractive in the field of mobile application development. Python is a developer of high-end language in reading and translating code so that it is much easier than any other language as it also reduces the cost of the program development and maintenance. It is a general-purpose programming language hence it can be used for any purpose.


James Gastling who is a former computer scientist developed Java back in the mid-1990s under sun Microsystem. It is used to create complete applications which run on a single computer or can be distributed among servers and clients in a network and can be used to build small application module or applet for use as part of a web page.


PHP is a scripting language that has been developed by Zend technologies in 1995. Today, it is being used for general purpose development but originally was developed for websites. After learning PHP, one is able to create dynamic websites, web applications as well as all types of mobile apps. It can be considered for many uses as well as in the creation of graphical user interface, image processing, Facebook apps, content management system, code project management tools as well as PDFs.


Buildfire.js uses the BuildFire SDK and Java script allows developers to build mobile apps with the support of BuildFire backend at an unprecedented rate. It is already being used in the development of 70% of the business causes that need to construct a specific process that is unique to the client rather than building the whole thing from the beginning. It is a program that is easy to learn and operates with the existing framework that has high potential and is scalable.


C++ features low-level memory manipulation with a general-purpose object-oriented programming language. In regards, to the mobile apps, C++ has been doing very well since it helps in the development of cross platform mobile apps easily with its consolidating debugging experience and powerful environment. It can be used to design and build very amazing apps for android, windows and iOS. C++ grants you access to smoothly code games, apps and commercial software.


It was released by Apple back in 2014 and features for iOS and Linux. It is the basic programming language use for the development of iOS and OS X apps. It is only available for iOS development but since it operates on Linux and is open source hence it can be used by anyone. One of the best examples is SlideShare iOS app. Another strong example is Meet and Fuck App, a casual hookup app that also offers adult meet and fuck games.

Objective – C

Objective – C also known as object-oriented general-purpose programming language derived from C. It was the main programming language used by Apple for iOS and OS X development before Swift. Learning and developing a mobile app through objective – C is very easy and simple to use. It uses dynamic run time, typing and last but not least C++ and C while using objective C.

Java Script

It is a high-level programming language that is multi-partnered supporting object-oriented language and functional programming. Creating mobile apps with Java script is very possible but under one condition it has to be through the use of HTML, CSS and AJAX.


Also known as C Sharp, it is a component and object oriented multi programming language. The general-purpose language was used in the development of Microsoft from server applications, games, mobile apps to web services, the program can be use to create pretty match anything.…

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Top Online Schools To Learn Programming

If you are looking for improving your career in coding and programming languages, then you have chosen the right path. The scope in the field of programming and coding is broad, and there are many schools available online to broaden your skills in this field. If you’re looking for a course with expert mentors, someone who can clear your doubts and also provide you with certification, then there are many top online schools for learning programming.

Why Should You Take Online Courses To Learn Programming?

Online courses are the best because they have the following features:

  • Expert tutors: They have recorded videos hosted by expert tutors. These tutors are not common teachers, but they are highly experienced professionals who have a lot of experience in teaching students. Also, there is always a teaching assistant present for clearing your doubts.
  • Doubts: You can clear your doubts 10 hours a day, through chatting, video chat, audio chat, content view, and code pair. The tutor can see your code and solve the problem. They are available 10 hours a day on average. The availability may vary for different online schools.
  • Save money: online courses are way cheaper than offline classes. They help you save traveling time and money.
  • Reminders: It is the tutor’s responsibility that you watch their videos; so for this purpose, they will send you reminders.
  • Updates: Online schools share a lot of questions, assignments, and tests regularly so that you’re thorough with the topic.
  • Webinars: online schools also host weekly webinars.

What Are The Top 10 Schools For Programming

There are several online courses for learning programming, and the internet is buzzing up with new ones coming up every day. So if you will search the internet, you will find the top suggestions like coursera, khan academy, udemy, Udacity, to name a few. In my answer to this question, I will focus on the best online schools for programming, in my opinion. I think these are too good to start with for anyone who wants to code and practice programming. The other perk about many of these schools is that they have recruiting relationships with many different tech companies. Students are often offered jobs straight out of programs. Many different industries are representative so a student could be offered to build the next social media app or work on an adult site like creating a backpage substitute.

  • InterviewBit Academy – Learn tech skills, no fees until you hired. Features: Live interactive online classes conducted over six months, one to one mentorship sessions with industry leaders, Guaranteed referrals to top companies. Top instructors: google, amazon, and Facebook. Senior mentors: Netflix and Amazon.
  • Pluralsight –in this online educational programming school, there are many programming courses available. For example, the Learning to Program course gives you an introduction to computer programming using the world’s most popular programming language – JavaScript. Using this educational platform, you will learn how to control the flow of a program, manage multiple source code files, understand boolean logic, and build a simple web server.
  • Code Academy: It’s not advanced and can get quite dull at times, but it is excellent for learning the basics of different programming languages. Using this educational platform, you can learn the fundamentals of python, one of the latest and fastest-growing programming languages and get to know the basics of programming and coding.
  • Code School: This has a whole lot of courses for you to try for free, and it’s a little bit more challenging but significant in combination with code academy. Check it out. Code school Helps you master programming and coding like never before.
  • Coursera: You’ll have to check the courses available at the moment that you like.
  • Udemy: You’ll have to search for the available courses that you want.
  • Codesdop: learn to do programming and coding with ease. 
  • Edureka: (video Lectures Courses if you wish to become a web developer or if you want to make a career in programming and coding, Then start today by using edureka. With this educational platform, you can Learn the most popular and useful programming languages, and master back and front end web technologies with certification courses. Edureka offers you courses in trending technologies such as Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, Node.js, and more.  
  • – this educational platform helps you find the best online programming courses & tutorials. is an online programming and coding website to find the best online programming courses. The recommendations on this site are voted by users from time to time.
  • iLoveCoding: Master Javascript, Learn via Video Screencasts. With iLoveCoding, you learn JavaScript, the world’s trendiest programming language. Java script is the fastest and the smartest way to build Web Apps, Websites, Mobile Apps. No other programming languages can match this capability. JavaScript is a very versatile programming language and is the most popular programming language as well.


Right now, there are several computer programming jobs, and an equivalent amount of free online programming courses to help you grab one of those jobs. You can get a job even without a traditional computer science degree. Here I have listed the best ones that can help you master the art of programming and coding.

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Programming Languages Used For Artificial Intelligence

The technology used nowadays is provided by the means of AI programming and this has brought many efficient and optimum benefits to different lives of the people and all the operations of the company. AI is giving an amazing level of smart technology to many industries and the expectations on this are also increasing, most of the companies believe that AI has the potential to reach human intelligence. To meet the needs and wants of the organizations and mankind the developers are constantly exploring, experimenting, and implementing their capabilities to develop AI. Whenever there is a problem the solution will be invented. Below are a few lists of languages which can be commonly used for AI.


Most of the programming languages which are used for Artificial Intelligence has to undergo the process of compiling itself into the machine language before the final execution is done. Unlike the other languages, python does not need this because it can be directly used by the developer and the program can be run. In terms of the software language, it is termed as an interpreted language. Instead of using the language that the hardware or the machine understands, it is always better to use Python which can be interpreted by any virtual machine or an emulator which makes the entire process easy enough and self-explanatory. Compared to all the other operating languages used, Python gives the least possible code amongst all the other languages and this is why it is the most popular language used in the market.
There are many varieties in which libraries of python can be used in many different organizations. Libraries for scientific computation are named as numpy, libraries for advanced computing are named as scipy, and libraries for machine learning are named after pybrain, and this is the reason why most of the developers believe that Python is one of the best languages which can be used for Artificial Intelligence.


R is an object-oriented programming language and it can also be stated as a multi-paradigm language and also it mostly works as a procedural language like Python. It gives good results especially for the work involving statistics. The best of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is formed by statistics in this language. When compared to Python, R is a little less flexible yet you will have an efficient result. The companies who look out for visualization, statistics, and data analysis in general; for such kind of organization R is the best suitable language to work with. This is an open-source language and you have many communities of users online so that whenever you have any doubts in coding you can go to the website and post it, then get an answer.


Java Virtual Machine Technology is the most significant aspect of Java language. To run a website or an app on all computing platforms which are java enabled, this java virtual machine technology allows the developers to create one app. Probability, transparency, and maintainability are the three programming language strengths. The use of artificial neural networks, genetic programming, and algorithms are interconnected through artificial intelligence. Easy debugging, easy work with huge-scale projects, easy use, better user interaction and facilitated visualization are a few benefits of Java language which is essential to be used in artificial intelligence. The graphics and interfaces look very sophisticated due to the inbuilt features of Java. This is a versatile language and you will find a huge number of tutorials online for self-learning.


In the field of artificial intelligence, scala is is a new language and it is finding its use in many startups and corporations nowadays. It has got many tools and libraries to make the work easy for the developers and it is also very much convenient to use when compared with the other languages. This has a good source of the community especially in dealing with topics like information theory and statistical learning.


It is an open-source programming language and that is why it is one of the most loved languages of all. Rust is a language that majorly focuses on memory, safety, parallelism, and speed. The concept of Rust is also being used in an open-source Project by Microsoft named Verona.…

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PHP Pros & Cons

PHP is a scripting language embedded in HTML, that is one of the finest Server-side Scripting languages ever created. PHP is widely used, in order to even build entire e-commerce sites. It is superb for session tracking, and managing content and databases. Perhaps the most popular scripting language in the world over the last few years, PHP is now said to face an uncertain future. While its attractiveness has diminished over the last two years , with the rapid advance of its competitors, it is still in high demand. This is the focus of this article, on some of the salient advantages and disadvantages of PHP.

Main Advantages

  • Source: PHP is open source, and a general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development.
  • HTML: PHP can be embedded into HTML.
  • Command Structure: Instead of a large number of commands as in other scripting languages, the PHP code is enclosed in special start and end processing instructions, that allow the programmer to jump in and out of PHP mode in HTML easily.
  • Server-side: One of the main distinguishing features of PHP is that it is a Server-side language. This means that the code is executed on the server, thus generating HTML, which is next sent to the client, unlike JavaScript, which is client-side. Thus, while the client can comfortably receive and use the results of running a particular script, the client would have no knowledge of the underlying code.
  • Simplicity: One of the finest features of PHP is the extreme simplicity of its usage. Programmers and developers can start working in PHP very shortly after being introduced, in spite of the long list of PHP features.

Main Areas of Use: There are Three Main Areas of Use of PHP, which are

  • Command Line Scripting: The PHP script can be made to run without a server or a browser, by using only a parser. This is perfect for use scripts executed using Linux or nix, or for simple text processing tasks.
  • Server-side Scripting: This is the main usage area for PHP. Three things are necessary to make this work, which are CGI or server module (“parser”), a web server and a web browser. The complete setup can be run on a home computer or laptop for trials. The web browser can be used to access the PHP program output, while the server can be used to view the web page.
  • Desktop Application Writing: This requires special skill and experience, but it is still within the realms of the possible. Graphical interfacing with PHP needs professional ability, and use of advanced PHP features. PHP-GTK can be used to write such programs on the client-side also, as well as cross-platform applications.

Operating Systems: PHP can be used on all major Operating Systems. Some of these are RISC OS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, almost all Unix variants including Solaris, HP-UX, and OpenBSD, and many others.

Web-server Support: PHP can support Apache, IIS and numerous others. Any web-server that can utilize the FastCGI PHP binary, such as nginx and lighttpd, can be supported by PHP, both as a CGI processor or a module.

Output: Along with the freedom to choose the web-server and the operating system, and outputting HTML, PHP can output PDF files, graphical content, and images. Using Ming and libswf, it can even output Flash Movies. Any XML file or XHTML file can be generated easily.

Databases: Database specific extensions can render writing a database enabled webpage incredibly easy to write in PHP. This can be done by using extraction layer like PDO, or extensions such as mysql. Any database supporting the Open Database Connection standard can be used to connect via the ODBC extension. Databases using CouchDB or similar cURL and sockets may also be utilized conveniently.

Talking To Other Services: The use of protocols such as HTTP, COM, SNMP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, and so on make talking to other services very easy using PHP.

PHP Text-Processing Features: Perl-compatible regular expressions (PCRE) and several other features are part of PHP advantages.

Some Disadvantages

  • Pace of Growth: PHP has not been able to sustain its pace of growth since 2016.
  • Competition: It is said that very few people who try Python/Django or Ruby/Rails, return to practice PHP. Modern innovations are mainly the area of the competitors, as their applicability improves with each passing year. Other languages and the web frameworks that use them are getting stronger.
  • Interpretation: PHP scripts can only be interpreted on a server that has PHP installed.

PHP is easy to learn and use, and has fantastic frameworks that are still available to write very productive and scalable code. But it is getting outdated. And this sums up the Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP.…

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Most Commonly Used Programming Languages

The tech community celebrates a wide range of programming languages. This is attributed to the ever diversifying world f technology. Every programming language comes with its set of advantages. This has allowed developers a wide range of choices to choose from when working on their projects. The following is a list of a few popular programming languages which are commonly used all over the world. The list is not exhaustive as the programming languages are many and keep advancing by the day.


Java was created in 1995. It is owned by Oracle and has over 3 million devices that run it. The programming language is used for mobile applications which are mostly android applications, web applications as well as web servers and application servers, desktop applications, database connection, games and so on and so forth. Java derives its popularity from its special features. For instance, it works well on different platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry et cetera. It is also an easy program to learn and to use as well. Its huge advantage is that it is not only open-source and free but it is also fast, secure to users and powerful. All of the above explain why java is programming language that enjoys a wide community support which includes a huge number of developers.


Created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991, Python still holds its place high in the popularity gauge among the programming languages. It is a program that carries with it unique features. For instance, it has the ability to work on different platforms such as windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and more. It further has syntax which gives developers the ability to write programs that have fewer lines compared to other programming languages. It also runs on an interpreter system. This allows cods to be executed as soon as they are written which makes prototyping very fast. Furthermore, python can be handled in a procedural way, an object oriented way as well as a functional way.

With all the above features, python is a program that is best suited to perform tasks such connecting database system or on servers to generate web applications. It can also be used when handling huge data or while handling complex mathematics, doing rapid prototyping or even for production-ready software development and so on and so forth.

Hypertext Pre -Processor (PHP)

PHP is a programming language that is specifically runs on the server thus works for server scripting. It was created by Rasmus Lerdof in 1994. It is mostly useful in making web pages vibrant and interactive .It can be used to form web pages that are written in HTML.

Its features and advantages range from being efficient and freely available to users and developers. It is also applauded for its simplicity, flexibility, security and familiarity. It is mostly applauded for its ability to offer an easy navigation to new developers while at the same time able to offer loads of advanced features to the very experienced developers as well. The latest version released as at now is the PHP 7.…

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