LGW unveiled

Back in May during Libre Graphics Meeting 2009 Alessandro, Cedric, Melissa and me sat down 20 meters away from the roaring official LGM supper to talk about ways to make more buzz in designers community re. free/libre tools. We defined major pitfalls and came up with a number of ideas.

The first of them shoots now: Libre Graphics World. We intend to make this website THE host for news, articles, interviews and so on. We tried to cover most questions about LGW in the FAQ. Feel free to ask more :)

Most technical work was done by sK1 team (kudos, guys!).

We start with all interviews I did over the years, a review of Fontmatrix 0.6.0 (released a month ago) and a couple of Inkscape tutorials. The website is by no means complete, but I was so tired of keeping the project to myself, that here it is :) My own short-term goals are:

  • fill the gaps in the Web Links section
  • finish FAQs for main products
  • finish translation of Photoshop-to-GIMP migration guide
  • translate Illustrator-to-Inkscape migration guide
  • translate and publish my own GIMP and Inkscape tutorials
  • finish and publish the bloody LGM’09 report :)

A number of reviews (Inkscape 0.47, Scribus 1.3.5, GIMP 2.7.0) are already written and just wait for actual software releases to happen.

There is a lot of work on wiki to be done, and we actually are missing the logo. I have a preliminary version which I’m not quite happy with and I’d be grateful for help on that.

Last, but not least. One of the points of this project is collecting information about libre graphics related activities. So we have a shared Google calendar. There is an open thread in forum where you can comment to tell us about events that are related to libre graphics software, and then we’ll add them. I’m talking about conferences, workshops, courses etc.

And, like I said, this is just one of the planned projects. Expect something else soon :)

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