Interview with Hal Engel

Since guys at are procrastinating with publishing submissions again (sorry for nitpicking :)), here goes the interview I did with Hal Engel in December (Russian version is available for two weeks already). Hal is lead developer of LProf — the only open source ICC profiler with QUI (Qt based).

Edit: The interview with Hal has been moved to Libre Graphics World.

6 thoughts on “Interview with Hal Engel

  1. Kai-Uwe Behrmann

    The DTP-94 is still in production for OEM’s and the spec at least where available. The instrument is considered first class, compared to otherwise similiar devices.

    Lots of ideas to talk elsewhere. And due to the time progression we did already.

    Of course, I hope as well the vision of a fantastic open source CM will become real.

    Alexandre, thanks for making this lecture possible.

  2. Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Interview with Hal Engel, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  3. Stefan

    As currently shopping for monitor profiling hardware it’s inspiring to find out that not only are low cost consumer products on the market supported on Linux, but the available software in many cases outperforms what is shipped with the device in Windows.

    Low cost calibration hardware + such good usable software will probably help a long way in creating a critical mass for the Linux CM area to get a big push forward. Excellent CM will be a vital component in turning *nix from a usable home desktop OS into a serious professional desktop OS at least on par with the competition.

  4. Dimitris Mylonas

    very interesting interview, if there is a blog or a forum that i can follow up the development of the software, please post it.


  5. Alexandre Post author


    Some news are posted to OpenIcc mailing list (1) from time to time by Hal (LProf) and Graeme (Argyll).

    There is an ‘lprof-devel’ mailing list (2), but it’s usually full of CVS commit logs.

    I help out with UI and docs a tiny bit and I’ll definitely blog more. One of the things you might like to know is that Qt4 port is a work in progress now.



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